Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mucking up the operational systems

Unidentified programs running in the back ground cause havoc on your computer. They slow the operating system down and can jam up the works, even leading to the complete stoving up of the computer. The human brain also has many unidentified programs running. These were put into the short and long term memory functions by events we experienced via our senses. Then the  human mind adds meaning to these events. It is biological to assess situations as helpful or threatening. But it is only human to make story around it. And a story might end up creating a belief about people, about ourselves or the nature of similar events. This story will run in the back ground, coloring many, and for some people, everything they experience and do. PTS is an example of this. So is the confidence, or lack of, we had instilled in ourselves as children. People can have many layers of these unwanted and often unrecognized programs sporadically or continually running in the back of their minds. Until they are brought fully into awareness as something that interferes with what is happening in the present, it will drain energy, creativity, and responsiveness from our ability to fully function in response to our circumstances. So like any geek knows, you got to go in there and see what is yucking up the system

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